Why You Should Choose Reading Books as Your Hobby

Why You Should Choose Reading Books as Your Hobby

By reading, you not only acquire knowledge but also become a source of self-knowledge. Here are some benefits of reading books and the reasons why the text is the best hobby and keep up the learning.

Reading is one of the most frequent hobbies in most developed countries. The translation is defined as the act of interpreting and decoding the message that a text shows, to explain, and understand its content.

There are different types of publications, depending on their characteristics, such as books, notebooks, brochures, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, electronic publications, etc.

The reading ability of each person will depend on several factors, among which are the complexity of the text, legibility, font size, paratext, reader concentration and fatigue, certain diseases, or difficulties of each individual.

Why You Should Read Books

1. Gives You the Knowledge

Of the most significant benefits of reading, and what makes it the most obvious reason to read is the knowledge it brings you. If you read a book at least once a week, you will be able to gain a broad understanding of things and situations. This knowledge that you acquire when reading is always useful for the practical purposes of life. Reading helps improve your IQ, which again is an added advantage.

2. Improves Memory By Reading Books

The action of reading requires that we remember details, facts, situations, conflicts, themes, and characters, in addition to an argument that can often be complicated, and all this can help to use memory and train it.

3. Healthy Sleep Patterns

If you begin to have the habit of reading before bedtime, the activity will work as a warning to your brain and body, sending signals that it is time to rest. This will help you sleep deeply and wake up much more relaxed.

4. Emotional Development

When we dedicate ourselves to reading, our social and emotional development increases. At first, the characters of the great novels generally represent different contexts, regions of the world, social status, races, and ethnicities, as well as different religions.

So we find a diversity with which we may not have real contact. But it is essential to understand that once we know about what is “outside”, we can begin to generate empathy and tolerance for others, and thus develop an emotional sensitivity.

5. Increased Cognitive Ability

Gender does not matter, and the author does not matter, let alone the language in which those books we devour day after day are written. The simple act of reading regularly brings us great benefits at a cognitive level.

We improve our capacity for abstraction, our imagination, and our memory. Our capacity for understanding and inference is also developed, all of the dimensions that are generating new neuronal connections in our brain.

Having a higher number of neural connections makes our brain have more extensive networks, more extensive networks. This will cause old age to arrive; if we suffer, for example, any degenerative brain problem, such as Alzheimer’s disease, its development will be much slower.

6. Helps You Set Goals or Objectives

Reading about someone who has overcome a series of obstacles in life can encourage us to follow his example. The Ohio State University found that the more we feel identified with a character, the more likely we are to take action in our own lives.

7. Help You Write Better

The University of California discovered that when we are reading a book we are passionate about, the author’s writing skills go unnoticed to us. Just like listening to music can affect the musician’s style, reading a book can change our writing style.

The blessings of reading are not handiest non-public. “Reading affects not only social culture but also the economy and commerce of a people,” says Emili Teixidor. For the writer, reading helps export culture outside our country: “Since Spain has no oil, it will have to export intelligence!” It should also be remembered that throughout history reading was always one of the vehicles of democracy. “In authoritarian countries.

Reading will always be pursued for contributing to developing freedom of expression, culture, and information,” says C├ęsar Antonio Molina, former Minister of Culture and director of the Casa del Lector. Reading always had the power to transform society, “and, if not, look at all who read the gospels!”, Says Teixidor. The writer recalls an anecdote, “now in the kiosk they sell the Communist Manifesto very cheaply of Karl Marx, in my student days they would have persecuted the kiosk.” Many books were the key to the development of some historical events, and now, in times of uncertainty and crisis, reading should gain prominence. Not only as an excellent travel companion to evade and calm down. “You don’t have to take refuge in reading, but use your ability to change the state of things,” says Gabilondo. According to the philosopher, we must use the power of reading to transform society.

That reading is essential for intellectual development is not a novelty. Reading trains visual speed, imagination, vocabulary, and knowledge in general. Now, some experts argue that reading books that are not precisely from your work area or interest will help you be smarter. How? Opening your mind to new themes, with different vocabularies and different ways of approaching knowledge.

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