What Is Typography & Fonts? Deep Dive into All the Terms

What Is Typography & Fonts? Deep Dive into All the Terms

Typography Fonts; what are typographic sources? It is a typeface that is made up of a set of taps (letters, numbers, and special characters) is the design of styles unified by uniform visual properties. However, for self-publishing, all of the figures above are usually be called fierce. What are typographic families? It is a group of structural signs that share standard design features, all of them forming a typographic unit. There are many typographic families. Some of them are more than fifteen years old; others emerged in the great creative explosion of the nineteenth, twentieth centuries, and others resulted in computer applications.

From each typographical source of some examples of known sources´â╝ old book: monotype created this typography under the commission of Microsoft. To the gothic language and whose inventory of signs comes mostly from the Greek word.


It is the name of a digital typeface with spacer hand finishes, inspired by the shape of the letters that were used in the mid-twentieth century on typewriters.


One of the most popular and influential typefaces in history and also one of the best roman ever created was the one designed by Claude Garamond in the 16th century in France.

The world of writing is full of confusing concepts. Difference between typography and font? Is sans serif font or a typographic family? And what is a typographic family? What kind of fonts are there? Well, to answer all these and more questions we have, since bestseller, writing this blog.

Script: these are those sources that simulate handwriting. There are only two of these types: formal script and a simple script.

The Difference Between Font & Typography

Although people always use both concepts to refer to the same thing, the truth is that they have different meanings. According to the royal Spanish academy

Source: “in a word processor, it is a set of graphic signs of a certain type and size.” in other words, the font is the style or appearance of a whole group of characters guided by common characteristics. Setting an example, we can say that times new roman is a source. So it is Arial. Even Arial bold. It can be noted that both “font” and “typographic font” can be said.

Type: “part of the printing press and the typewriter in which a letter or other sign is highlighted.” contextualizing this definition, a class can be defined as the model or design of a given letter.

Typography: “type of printing types.” in this case, the sar is a bit short, but for us to understand everything, typography is the art and technique of creating and composing types or sources to communicate a message. It also deals with the study and classification of different typographical sources. Therefore, typography refers to the work of creating fonts and not the font itself. Now, people are increasingly using “typography” as a synonym for “font.” it would not be the first time that the race admits a word in its dictionary due to its extensive use in everyday speech.

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