How to Use Gotham Font in Graphic Design

How to Use Gotham Font in Graphic Design

The graphic can support and improve it, the icons too, but communicating with your users happens mainly through the written word – in contrast to the world of advertising, where images and graphics can convey complete stories more efficiently, even without using a lot of written language and the one of the best fonts is Gotham Font.

In addition to the appropriate Verdana and Arial, there are many more types of letters with a clean design to get excellent web design in Bilbao.

Typography vs. Sources

“Typefaces” are sets of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks that form sets of styles for an alphabet. Think of typefaces as a family of characters whose members share standard designs, but which can vary in weight and styles. Bodoni or Gotham, for example, gotham font that is also available free free on the web.

Roboto: It is available in 6 styles, and its design allows a correct view even on the smallest screens, making it ideal for websites with traffic from mobile devices.

Montserrat: It has a certain similarity with Gotham but stands out by itself. It is suitable for headings, not for the rest of the contents since it does not have italics.

Opens Sans: It is one of the most used Google Fonts. It has a clean and friendly design and is optimal in both web printing and mobile devices.

Droid Sans Serif: It has a public image and high readability. It is suitable both in headlines and in text bodies.
Source Sans Pro. It is Adobe’s first open-source. It is a very clean font and is exceptional in long text extensions since it is neither too ornate nor too compact.

PT Sans: It is spotless and was born to facilitate Russian reading and writing.

Varela Round: It is typography with a round, soft, and very readable design in a small format, it is ideal for mobile devices and tablets.

Titillium: It is very linear, simple, and without ornamentation. It is ideal for significant texts, as it is easy to read.

Raleway: It is an elegant typeface. It is offered in 9 styles.

Cabin: It is a modern, clean font that has eight different styles differ from gotham font.

Lato: It is a clean and straightforward typeface with ease of reading.

Arvo: It is a Serif type with simple lines that can be read comfortably on screens of all sizes and in print.

Patua One: It is a robust and soft letter at the same time, with curved lines that make it pleasing to the eye — ideal for large headlines and page contents.

Vollkorn Robust and formal design: Ideal for websites that offer services and products of the high level of demand.

Enriqueta: It is a typeface with serif and has a formal and robust design. Ideal for demanding content.

Springsteel: It is a source of the Sans Serif family. It is available in 8 linear and eye-pleasing styles. Composed of curved lines and few straight lines, it is recommended in large sizes.

Other Fonts

Ubuntu: It is an immaculate source, without serif, pleasing to the vision and ideal for reading.

Inconsolata: It is prevalent among design professionals. It is used in online portfolios and is suitable for this creative environment. It does not include italics, so it can be inconvenient to use it in the general content of a web page.

Exo2: It is contemporary, geometric, and gentle curves, has a technological and futuristic air. It is offered in 9 styles and is indicated for long paragraphs since it does not overload the view.

Web Server off: Also, with a technological aspect, it is compact and lightweight. It offers bright and impressive headlines.

Blogger Sans: It serves to facilitate messages in headlines of websites and blogs. Available in several styles, its characters have a low height, so it allows titles and subtitles to be in a dense space of text, without losing legibility.

Lintel: It has two styles, shows linear characters, and without serif, therefore, it is ideal for large text extensions. It is also suitable for headlines.

Kuro Sans Serif font: One the good as Gotham font, linear, but with great personality curves. It is suitable for large text extensions, and its characteristics give it high visual strength in its large format.

ABeeZee. It is a linear source, but with curves, which make it friendly, simple, and accessible. It is used in children’s reading, making it ideal for websites or blogs with children’s themes.

Sansation Typography without serif, linear, rounded, and with modern touches. It is available in 6 different styles.

Find Out the Type of License Used by the Source in Question

The fonts in the digital environment are treated like any software, and you get them with a user license; They are not yours but “buy” or “give away” the right to use them on n computers. So the first thing you have to do to know if you can use a typeface in a project is to find out the type of license (if the documentation is in English look for the word EULA) and act accordingly. Otherwise, you will be committing a crime.

My students usually move in two scenarios. They have sources that came installed with their operating system or with a computer package (typically the Office and Adobe Creative Suite) or have downloaded some Dafont – please do not do it. It is dangerous for your mental health – and with a bit of luck from FontSquirrel or Google Fonts – from here, guys.

In the first case, if the operating system or application package is not pirated, you have acquired licenses to use the fonts( gotham font ) that have been installed automatically (take advantage and check if you have left any to install that sometimes happens). You can use them to design and charge “almost” whatever you want. The exception is the following: you cannot install the font on a server to use it on your web page – although you can make a jpg or similar image using that typography – because anyone could download it.

Can I install Helvetica on my server?

The answer is no unless you buy a web license for Helvetica. However, you can make a poster or a t-shirt and sell them without problems. If the typography is free, it will have a copyleft license (Creative Commons, Apache, SIL Open Font License, or GNU, although there is more) where you can read what you can do with it. Still, the usual thing is that it allows you to do almost what you want (at most, you prohibit selling or changing the type of license to the version you make of it).

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