10 Reasons Why Graphic Design Matters

10 Reasons Why Graphic Design Matters

Graphic design is an exciting career, and not in vain is currently booming; that is why if you want to study design, you must take into account some things. Here are 10 of them:

1. Graphic Design Programs Are Not Design

The domain of design programs is essential, but knowing only that is insufficient for the exercise of the profession, the design has much more research and methodology than software. To illustrate this point we will say that to manage programs you can study from 3 to 6 months in some computerized institute (which there are many and very good), but to research design you do it for four years, you must keep this in mind to make a decision.

2. Create a Visually Recognizable Brand

The visual elements that define a brand give it a recognizable identity to the public. In the case of an Embassy, ​​the logo follows the guidelines of the General State Administration (AGE), that is to say, the constitutional shield of Spain on a yellow background (Pantone 116 to be exact) and the Gill Sans typography with the name of the respective Embassy. Since the AGE is composed of an infinity of institutions, the logo is usually stretched to specify each institution, such as when the “Spanish Cooperation” is used to refer to the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) next to that of the Embassy.

3. Play with Psychology

The shapes, colors, typography, and more factors of Graphic Design have a psychological relationship with experiences and decision making. Get the most out of it and use it in the graphic design of your brand/business.

4. The Work Is Varied

The Graphic Designer is required by so many organizations and companies that you will always find new challenges and options. Magazines, brochures, websites, posters, and business cards are just some of the projects you can do as a designer, so you can easily escape the routine and, at the same time, improve your skills in different areas.

5. High Level of Demand

It isn’t effortless to imagine a business or organization that does not need, at least once, the services of a Graphic Designer. Therefore, this line of work will open many doors for you. With the vast number of customers around the world, you’ll never run out of work to do.

6. You Can Work “Freelance”

A Graphic Designer usually has numerous opportunities to work independently, which gives you the freedom to manage your time and expand your number of clients.

7. You Can Unleash Your Creativity

The Graphic Designer is a profession that opens the doors to creative expression, capturing different ideas, messages, and emotions through the image. At the same time, you can earn income from your talent and imagination. As much as the graphic should adapt to the needs and preferences of the client, it will always have the imprint of the artist who carried it out.

Choosing a university for the low cost is not recommended since this probably means that: you will not have a good computer lab, or you will not have the best programs, or the best teachers, or that you will swallow hours of teaching subjects other disciplines that don’t focus and don’t apply to yours. And that is not the worst; it also probably means that it will cost you a lot of work to get a job because the reality is that in the labor market, not only the title matters but also where you obtained the title. If you want to study design, think that you are about to decide your future and you will invest time, effort and money in this, so it is worth taking the time to visit the university, see its facilities and make sure that the institution you choose is well regarded and respected in the market.

8. The Curriculum Mesh Matters

This is definitive, and if you are going to choose between two or more careers, you must also compare their study programs. But how can I rate this? Simple. It values ​​the programs of study of the races by their hourly load, by the number of specific subjects that it has (workshops), and by the variety of specificities that it contains (editorial, identity, illustration, signage, typography, methodology, history, etc.). You can also find out about the extracurricular training activities that the career develops; the extracurricular training is the one that takes place outside the classroom, towards the labor market through the university, if you ask this and they look at you badly, you look at them even worse.

9. Listen to the Right People

Finally, we recommend that you listen to the people, but to the right people. If you have not yet chosen a university, ask for recommendations from people you admire and that you see that they are doing well in what they do. And Do not limit yourself to your friend who has not finished the race or does not follow any. Ask for opinions on the design career and its curriculum mesh to design professionals, and they will certainly advise you the best because they have gone through the same as you.

10. Good Graphic Design Says Who You Are

With the Graphic Design, you can say many things; it is up to you if you want them to be good or bad. Let your identity speak for you. It’s not about putting a drawing next to the name of your company “because everyone does it,”. It’s about something else. Your customers have to know at first glance what you do and how you do it. You may love butterflies, all right, dedicate them all the time in the world. But your customers don’t need to know that about you, so don’t insist on your brand wearing butterflies.

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